How to Write an Erotic Story

Writing stories has never been easy and writing erotic stories that connect with the reader and potentially arouse him or her can be a big challenge. If you are also an aspiring writer who is thinking of writing his or her first erotica and is wondering how to write an erotic story, then you should read on. Here are some simple tips that will make your writing more connectable and realistic.

Respect the Work

Writing erotica should be given the same respect as writing on any other genre. You should work on your grammar, sentence formation and make the plot logical. Do not just write to get the reader off (which is an achievable goal in most cases but not the only goal).

Don’t Use the Same Words or Clichés

The woman lay spent after he left her bed or he had a throbbing rod instantly are clichés and words that the readers have read at least a hundred times. So, don’t serve them the same dish and expect great results. Instead, use your brain and do some research to find more words that make the reader understand the meaning of the scene without using the same words or clichés.

Focus on Emotions

For most people, especially women readers sex is not just about the body, it’s about emotions as well. So, make sure that the couple you are writing about has developed an emotional connection before they jump into the bed. Also, don’t focus on the process too much. Focus on the state of mind and the connection of the couple as well.

Be Realistic

Though slight exaggeration is accepted and even expected while writing erotica, you should refrain from making things so unreal that people don’t believe in it. Avoid words like they did nothing but made love for a week would be a slight exaggeration as real people with responsibilities don’t do that.

Include All the Senses

It is also recommended that you include all the senses in an erotic story, from the smell of rain to its insistent sound, from the curve of her waist to the taste of strawberries and even the texture of grass should be included while writing. It will make the reader more engrossed.

Judge Yourself

Before you start the publishing process of a story, you should read it yourself and see whether you are feeling turned on by the storyline or not. You can even ask a friend or an editor to read it for you. If you or the first reader don’t feel hot and bothered, the chances are high that the intended audience won’t feel that way too.

Why Women Like BDSM?

BDSM includes several role-playing activities that include bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission. When a part of BDSM, women usually give total control of their bodies and pleasure to a male partner known as dominant while they become submissive. The concept of BDSM is popular in different parts of the world, and many popular fictional novels like Fifty Shades Trilogy has touched upon the subject.

Why Do Women Like It?

People who are unaware of BDSM or want to know more about it often wonder why women give up control over their mind and bodies to become someone’s sex slave for a while. Well, we have tried to answer why women like BDSM right here.

Giving Up Control is Exciting

Many women who have tried BDSM relationships think that giving up control is exciting. When you have no idea what the dominant is going to do to your body, and you have no power to stop it (technically she can use a safeword), it gives you a rush.

A Freeing Experience

For many submissives, giving up control in the bed means that they don’t have to worry about feeling responsible for the dominant’s pleasure as the dominant will ensure he takes pleasure from their bodies. In many cases, when women enter such relationships, the dominant takes over all the aspects of their lives, and they don’t have to worry about anything even loan repayment or buying groceries.

Presence of Trust

Many women who agree to BDSM relationships do so because they want to increase the level of trust in their relationships. When you surrender yourself completely to another person, you are trusting them with everything from your personal needs to pleasure. This level of trust also helps women feel secure in a relationship and enjoy it more. For the dominant also, this level of trust is very moving and makes him feel more responsible than ever.

Fantasy and Fun

Many women agree to a BDSM relationship because they like the fantasy element of it. Many couples enact scenes like the damsel in distress to increase the fun quotient of a scene. Some couples also do it to spice up their lovemaking, try some sexual exploration or for personal exploration. BDSM is also exciting, arousing, challenging and empowering. Some people also opt for it to deal with personal struggles and get some stress relief.

Why do you like BDSM? Comment below to share your thoughts.